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Anyone use Knockout.js?

I submitted this one: http://pineapple.io/resources/knockout-js-part-1 and now that I watch it I really like it. I actually subbed just so I could watch part 2... seems to be quite good.

Anyone have any experience with it? how did it turn out for large projects

over 5 years ago, by blueberry

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I haven't used it much but you might want to checkout a sample todo app:

To me it seems like a lot of javascript coded gets muddied up in the markup, and I don't think it handles routing at all...mostly just the data bindings. But, the data binding does seem pretty slick!

Slightly off topic, but my fav. JS MV* framework might be Derby (Followed by meteor)... it looks interesting:

SkinnyGeek1010, over 5 years ago

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