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Haptime.in - super-easy time tracker (small gift inside)

Hi everyone!

I'm the developer of http://haptime.in
I've recently discovered pineapple.io and loved it (thanks to this I found lots of new tools to use)
so I thought I'd give back something to the community ;)

My product is a timetracker that actually helps people being consistent in tracking time and understand hidden things about their work.

I'd love to offer a 50% discount (Freelance plan) to those who care about their time.
It's only 20 spots since I don't do it very often but I will also give full refund in case the product won't fit you, you have my word. ;)

If you're interested you can use the coupon PINEAPP or just go to this link http://selz.co/1eGitpl

Also if you feel like talking about tracking time (why it's worth it bla bla bla), I'm here open for every question :)

Be awesome!

about 4 years ago, by Andrea

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Very cool, thanks Andrea. Here's a link to the post btw: http://pineapple.io/resources/haptime-in

pineapple, about 4 years ago



I will also be thanking this community with some posts on how to build a webapp that's both beautiful & usable without being a designer ;)
And how to sell it so you won't do it "for glory alone" ;)

Be awesome

Andrea, about 4 years ago


Is it still open? When I follow your link there's no 50% discount :-O

CREEATION, almost 4 years ago

posted by CREEATION on Thu, May 15 at 11:13AM

Is it still open? When I follow your link there's no 50% discount :-O

Yes! There was a mistake in the price. Only 4 pieces left ;)

Andrea, almost 4 years ago

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