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Linus Torvalds' views on GitHub's pull requests.


Interesting insight from the grandmaster himself!

over 5 years ago, by lush

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Haha, wow

pineapple, over 5 years ago


Haha wow what a troll fest.... I didn't make it to the end but bookmarked a halfway point lol.

I can see his point about having high standards for the linux repository, but I don't really see what the big deal is about the web merge, or at least at present. They have shortlog area and a longer description box, although they could do with a line char counter.
github merge req

I also do not see what the difference is between web patches and normal git ones... these two look the same to me (well besides the latter having a one liner message lol):


I do dislike when people leave short one liners (or worse, long one liners) for the commit message, so I can see his point there. This does make me want to go back and squash and rebase my commits with better messages before pushing them... lately mine have been very short lol.

SkinnyGeek1010, over 5 years ago

posted by SkinnyGeek1010 on Fri, Feb 15 at 10:59PM


That's awesome how you made an image a link with MD... I was wondering how you do that

blueberry, over 5 years ago


The more i read through this the more I love it. He really likes the word invariably

pineapple, over 5 years ago

posted by blueberry on Sat, Feb 16 at 12:03AM

That's awesome how you made an image a link with MD... I was wondering how you do that

LOL, I was wondering if anyone would even notice that. Its just a MD image wrapped in a MD link, with the MD imagine inside the links [ ] brackets.
[ ![img caption](linktoimage.png) ](linktoimage.png)

SkinnyGeek1010, over 5 years ago


You also have the ability to delete your own posts above ^^ next to your username
free run 3 cool math games.

aprilrussell, 3 months ago

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