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My favorite vim plugins

peepopen link

Allows you to very easily find files. Works far better than textmate's command+T, and probably better than sublime.


vim-powerline enlarge / link

Lets you get a really sexy statusline.


vim-csscolor enlarge / link

Shows realtime colors in .css files.


alloy/macvim enlarge / link

Add osx sidebar to macvim.

macvim with osx sidebar

vim-rails so crucial for working with rails. I highly recommend shelling out $15 for the tips here. If you want to go free route, all of that should be included in Tim Pope's documenation. I love screencasts though, I seem to remember better.

vim-rails allows you to really easily switch between controllers, models, methods, routes with one keystroke (even faster than peepopen for rails projects).

vim-autoclose will autoclose parens and syntaxes.
vim-matchin will let you easily use % to jump between { }
vim-nerdcommenter seems to be the best commenting plugin I've found. I have tried a lot.
vim-repeat lets you use dot (repeat) operator on more things than just deletions
vim-sparkup highly recommended. Lets you shred html like yngwie malmsteen
vim-surround highly recommended to surround anything in anything (tags, parens, quotes, etc)
vim-ultisnips is best snippets plugin I've found.. I've tried tons. Has more functionality than snipmate.

And last but not least my .vimrc file, heavily influenced by Derek Wyatt, resident vim freak.

That .vimrc has lots of goodies for easily adding new snippets for current filetype, quickly editing and sourcing .vimrc for on the fly edits (without restarting vim), and lots more. Check it out.

over 4 years ago, by pineapple

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Oh wow.... this is great!
I love the videos by Derek, he's definitely entertaining to watch!
I'll have to download some of these this weekend... my macvim is slowly starting to catch up to sublime text!

SkinnyGeek1010, over 4 years ago

posted by SkinnyGeek1010 on Tue, Nov 6 at 02:40AM

Oh wow.... this is great!
I love the videos by Derek, he's definitely entertaining to watch!
I'll have to download some of these this weekend... my macvim is slowly starting to catch up to sublime text!

Hey man, i also gotta say I added 2 new things to my workflow: ctags (for large ruby projects) and Ack!

For some reason I had the idea that ctags was kind of like nerdtree for methods (one large list that you need to sort through). This was completely wrong, and is absolutely a feature I couldn't live without now. It essentially indexes all your methods in all your files, then you can use hotkeys with your cursor on a method to jump to the file and line number which defines that function.


brew upgrade ctags (chances are you already have it installed, just an older version)

add this to .vimrc

" Set ctags
map <leader>ct :!/usr/local/bin/ctags -R --exclude=.git --exclude=log *<CR>
set tags=./tags;  

From there, go to your root rails project in vim (I have this aliased to mvim). Push <leader>ct and it will index everything.

From there, move your cursor over a method, and push <ctrl+]> to jump to the file and definition of that method. It opens in the same window, so you will need to use <ctrl+t> to jump to your previous location. You can also do this many times, essentially allowing you to zoom way in, then back out. See :h tags as well.

Second, is Ack instead of grep

" Use Ack
set grepprg=ack

Then you can just run in command mode :grep --ruby searchterm to search all ruby files (without complicated syntax of grep). Obviously replace ruby with whatever you wish. In the results, pressing enter will go to the first result, and you can use :cn and :cp to jump forward or back through the results.

pineapple, over 4 years ago


Oh snap, I was wondering how to get something like ctags into sublime text several months ago.... awesome!!!

SkinnyGeek1010, over 4 years ago

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