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New Features are Live

Hey everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know about the new features of Pineapple. It took a few weeks longer than I had liked, but I'm glad to say I think it works quite nice, and I hope you feel the wait was worth it! :)

It's not quite 100% yet, there are some performance issues as everyone's current favorites were moved into one bucket. It's somewhat slow if you click the buckets fast. I will therefore need to put some loading imagery there, but for now it's good.

New features

  • Add/edit/rename buckets to sort your favorites
  • Make private buckets
  • Add your Twitter/Github/Dribbble to your profile (Under your avatar on profile page)

I am sure there will be some revisions or minor annoyances that you'd like to see revised. Feel free to leave them here and I'll look them over and improve any usability issues that come up.

Upcoming Features/Ideas

These are some ideas that aren't implemented yet, but I have a feeling they will be soon after. let me know your thoughts on these as well

  • Some kind of sorting for your resources within your buckets
  • Loading animation for clicking buckets that are large
  • A very small 1 sentence truncated version of the resource description which would go underneath the bucket title on the profile page.
  • When changing a resources buckets within the profile page, I'd like to have some kind of notification that that particular resource was edited.
  • A way to add new buckets on profile page without having to mouse over the star.
about 5 years ago, by pineapple

6 Replies


Looks awesome. Great job!

metastew, about 5 years ago



blueberry, about 5 years ago


I'll be visiting here a lot more. ^_^

st0rk, about 5 years ago


Thank you sir! This is much appreciated!

SkinnyGeek1010, about 5 years ago


Just pushed a small update that allows you to better see what resources are modified / to be deleted upon page refresh. That should make it a bit more painless for those with tons of resources to sort into buckets.

new features

pineapple, about 5 years ago


That looks superb, Pineapple

bonzai, about 5 years ago

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