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OSX System Bindings

I've known about most of these, but some others are very useful, especially line up/line down, and the equivalent of the left and right arrow keys

<c-a>       jump to beginning of line
<c-e>       jump to end of line
<c-b>       move left one character
<c-f>       move right one character
<c-n>       move down one line
<c-p>       move up one line
<c-k>       delete remainder of current paragraph
<c-y>       paste text from <c-k>
<c-h>       backspace
<c-v>       page down
about 4 years ago, by pineapple

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Oh wow thanks! I always thought <c-a> was a terminal command. I've been using alt arrows and cmd arrows to jump around but this is better. Now i'm really wondering if I should remap caps to ctrl instead of esc.....

SkinnyGeek1010, about 4 years ago

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