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  • System Admin Cheat Sheet System Admin Cheat Sheet

    A collection of command line tips and time-saving snippets for system administration.

  • equalize.js equalize.js

    The jQuery plugin for equalizing the height or width of elements

  • Simple Git Cheat Sheet Simple Git Cheat Sheet

    A simple Git cheat sheet for the basic commands and working with a git repo, in our cas...

  • Django Suit Django Suit

    Theme for Django Admin Interface based on twitter bootstrap.

  • Browser Diet Browser Diet

    A definitive guide to front-end performance.

  • Selectize.js Selectize.js

    Selectize is a new jQuery-based custom <select> UI control. It's useful for tagging, co...

  • Alertify.js Alertify.js

    SLICK! A very, very nice looking javascript notification system. Includes support for m...

  • Eloquent JavaScript Eloquent JavaScript

    Eloquent JavaScript is a book providing an introduction to the JavaScript programming l...

  • Intention.js Intention.js

    Intention.js is a lightweight tool for responsive design developed at Dow Jones that ma...

  • Learn CSS Layout Learn CSS Layout

    Learn common layout techniques as well as more modern techniques such as flex box and m...

  • 25 Days of Angular 25 Days of Angular

    The first of the 25 Days of Angular series: Service definitions

  • Breakpoint Tester Breakpoint Tester

    Breakpoint Tester Is Bookmarklet Which Scans Website Stylsheets (Same Domain) To Find U...

  • Rails 4 Cheat Sheet Rails 4 Cheat Sheet

    a rails 4 cheat sheet from cheatography

  • 15 well-designed signup forms 15 well-designed signup forms

    A nice collection of signup forms and explanations on why they are great.

  • Learn SQL the hard way Learn SQL the hard way

    Learn the SQL language from the top. From the famous "learn the hard way" programming s...

  • Mastering Git basics Mastering Git basics

    This talk on vimeo focuses on mastering the handful of commands that comprise 90% of th...

  • Vim Tutorial Videos Vim Tutorial Videos

    Great resource for learning Vim, ranging from beginner to advanced. Brought to you by t...

  • Git - The simple guide Git - The simple guide

    A very pleasantly designed simple guide for getting started with git. no deep shit ;)

  • Setup cron for Ruby on Rails tasks Setup cron for Ruby on Rails tasks

    Quick reference for setting up your cron environment to run Ruby/Rake/Rails related tasks

  • What's your most productive vim shortcut? What's your most productive vim shortcut?

    A famous Stack Overflow thread with over 50 replies of excellent vim tricks.

  • 15 Things for a ruby beginner 15 Things for a ruby beginner

    15 great tips for ruby beginners.

  • Beginners Guide to Ruby Beginners Guide to Ruby

    Ruby is an object-oriented language. What does that even mean? It has unique quirks and...

  • Vim Workflow Screencast Vim Workflow Screencast

    A short but quite excellent vim workflow screencast. A bit slow to start then picks up.

  • Vimbits Vimbits

    A vimbit is a snippet of a .vimrc. Share your coolest trick, mapping, setting, or custo...

  • VimCasts VimCasts

    Excellent series of vim screencasts.

  • Icon Finder Icon Finder

    Search through more than 150.000 free icons in an easy and efficient way.

  • Vim color scheme converter Vim color scheme converter

    Coloration is editor/IDE color scheme converter. Right now it allows you to convert you...

  • Vivify Vim Theme Creator Vivify Vim Theme Creator

    Easily create a vim theme based on hundreds of base themes. Bump by saturation, hue, an...

  • Learn Vimscript the hard way Learn Vimscript the hard way

    Learn Vimscript the Hard Way is a free online book for users of the Vim editor who want...

  • Scripting the Vim Editor Scripting the Vim Editor

    Learn the basics of scripting with vim.

  • Best Vim Tips (advanced) Best Vim Tips (advanced)

    Hundreds of insanely good vim snippets all on the same page.

  • Vim - Walking without crutches Vim - Walking without crutches

    A humorous slideshow about the very basics of vim. Doesn't include too much exact infor...

  • Rails Domain Complexity (3 Part Series) Rails Domain Complexity (3 Part Series)

    Learn the basics of Domain Driven Design with rails. Part 1 of a 3 part series.

  • A Byte of Vim A Byte of Vim

    An absolutely awesome 80 page eBook about learning Vim. Includes both a free online ver...

  • Vim Magic Vim Magic

    A handy guide to vim shortcuts.

  • Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby

    Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby is a very well known introduction to ruby, written in a ...

  • Pancake Invoicing Pancake Invoicing

    Pancake is your app for invoicing and billing customers online. Manage your projects fr...

  • TryRuby TryRuby

    Use an interactive prompt to learn the basics of ruby.

  • MacVim with Project Drawer MacVim with Project Drawer

    Here's some easy instructions to add a project drawer to MacVim - very handy when switc...

  • NoisePNG NoisePNG

    Generate noise png's with relative easy. Supports alpha channel.

  • Git Cheat Sheet Git Cheat Sheet

    A great little cheatsheet for git, from the creators of "git, the simple guide"

  • Vim Essentials Vim Essentials

    Rather than just another list of things you can do in vim, these are things I use const...

  • Chosen Chosen

    Chosen is a JavaScript plugin that makes long, unwieldy select boxes much more user-fri...

  • CSS Terms and Definitions CSS Terms and Definitions

    A blog post explaining CSS terminology that you should know.

  • Invoice Machine Invoice Machine

    The Invoice Machine is built for freelancers and small businesses to manage, create, an...

  • Common Security Mistakes in Web Applications Common Security Mistakes in Web Applications

    There are many things to worry about when it comes to security on the Web. Is your site...

  • Learn Vim Progressively Learn Vim Progressively

    You want to teach yourself vim (the best text editor known to human kind) in the fastes...

  • Hastebin Hastebin

    Clean, simple code-optimized pastebin.

  • SQL Fiddle SQL Fiddle

    An online tool to help in the construction of difficult queries in MYSQL, PostgreSQL, O...

  • Master your text editor's shortcuts Master your text editor's shortcuts

    Use ShortcutFoo to build muscle memory using your favorite shortcuts in Sublime, Vim, E...

  • CSSDeck CSSDeck

    Create web content and share it with the community to get feedback and appreciation.

  • 30 web design tips 30 web design tips

    Leading experts in web design reveal the secrets that make their lives easier and their...

  • Vim window management Vim window management

    dwm.vim adds tiled window management capabilities to Vim. It is highly inspired by dwm...

  • Glyph Icons Glyph Icons

    GlyphIcons is a library of precisely prepared monochromatic icons and symbols, created ...

  • Xcode + Vim = XVim Xcode + Vim = XVim

    Open Source tool that brings Vim text editing to Xcode

  • SlickGrid for Tabular Data SlickGrid for Tabular Data

    SlickGrid is a JavaScript grid/spreadsheet component. It's advanced, and is going to be...

  • MemSql MemSql

    MemSQL is a next generation database that removes the most common bottleneck most appli...

  • Front-end Development Tools List Front-end Development Tools List

    Continously updated list of useful and 'must have' tools and libraries for front-end dev.

  • Vim Cheat-Sheet Poster Vim Cheat-Sheet Poster

    A well-designed cheat-sheet for vim users of all experience levels. You can download a ...

  • Knockout Knockout

    Knockout is a JavaScript library that helps you to create rich, responsive display and ...

  • Typicons Typicons

    Typicons are free-to-use vector icons embedded in a webfont kit for easy use in your UI...

  • Rails Composer Rails Composer

    Rails Composer: A better way to build a Rails starter app (rails scaffolding on steroids).

  • FitText FitText

    FitText makes font-sizes flexible. Use this plugin on your fluid or responsive layout t...

  • Responsive Tables Responsive Tables

    A quick and dirty look at some techniques for designing responsive table layouts.

  • Responsive Patterns Responsive Patterns

    A collection of patterns and modules for responsive designs.

  • Custom fields in Rails Custom fields in Rails

    Tutorial/comparison for adding custom fields to objects in a Rails app using two method...

  • Introduction to Color Theory Introduction to Color Theory

    Learn the importance of color in Web Design and how to choose a pleasing color scheme. ...

  • SyntaxHighlighter SyntaxHighlighter

    SyntaxHighlighter is a fully functional self-contained code syntax highlighter develope...

  • Introduction to Ruby Introduction to Ruby

    An introduction to ruby, the very basics.

  • Vim Ninjas Vim Ninjas

    Typically blogs aren't allowed as submissions, but this one is so good, and solid vim r...

  • Tower - Mac git client Tower - Mac git client

    Git is the future of version control. But using it on the command line can be difficult...

  • Git Runner Git Runner

    Git Runner is a ruby framework to implement and run tasks after code has been pushed to...

  • Introduction to Git with Scott Chacon of GitHub Introduction to Git with Scott Chacon of GitHub

    Introduces the Git Version Control System by looking at what Git is doing when you run ...

  • A Gentle intro to Meteor A Gentle intro to Meteor

    I found this to be a very easy intro to Meteor, a full stack JavaScript ecosystem / fra...

  • Geckoboard Business Dashboard Geckoboard Business Dashboard

    Hosted service for building dashboards with pre-built or custom "widgets" that can conn...

  • UseVIM UseVIM

    Vim links, plugins, tutorials, and themes.

  • Vim Book Vim Book

    One of the better books on Vim.

  • Git Immersion Git Immersion

    Git Immersion is a guided tour that walks through the fundamentals of Git, inspired by ...

  • DBPatterns DBPatterns

    Dbpatterns is a service that allows you to create, share, explore database models on th...

  • Tuning Your PostgreSQL Server Tuning Your PostgreSQL Server

    PostgreSQL ships with a basic configuration tuned for wide compatibility rather than pe...

  • Postmark - Email Delivery for Web Apps Postmark - Email Delivery for Web Apps

    Postmark removes the headaches of delivering and parsing transactional email for webapp...

  • Meteor Fundamentals and Best Practices Meteor Fundamentals and Best Practices

    Get shown around a Meteor project and learn some best practice tips for you to keep in ...

  • Understanding Backbone Understanding Backbone

    Many struggle when they first meet Backbone.js. In this blog post I will gradually refa...

  • Vim for Rails Developers Vim for Rails Developers

    If you write Rails code in vim, this $15, 34 minute screencast will teach you to create...

  • The Software Design Handbook The Software Design Handbook

    While it's not allowed to post sites to Pineapple with nothing more than a 'get notifie...

  • Front-end Standards and Best Practices Front-end Standards and Best Practices

    An very good (and nice-looking) guide that contains guidelines for web applications bui...

  • RailsWizard RailsWizard

    RailsWizard is an easily configurable web-based Rails application template wizard that ...

  • Open Vim Open Vim

    A collection of Vim learning tools.

  • VIM Adventures VIM Adventures

    Learning VIM whilst playing a game.

  • Bootstrapping Design Bootstrapping Design

    Bootstrapping Design. An eBook for bootstrappers, programmers, founders, and hackers. L...

  • The App Design Handbook The App Design Handbook

    An ebook specifically about designing mobile apps that are user-friendly. About 125 pages.

  • So, You Want to be a Front-End Engineer So, You Want to be a Front-End Engineer

    Our mission: to explore the implementation details of the Browser, HTML, CSS, and JavaS...

  • Linux Commands Every Developer Should Know Linux Commands Every Developer Should Know

    An overview of cat, cut, find, grep, less, linux, sed, sort, uniq

  • Introduction to Git Introduction to Git

    Git is a (distributed) version control system. What is that? A version control system i...

  • Pro Git Pro Git

    The entire Pro Git book, written by Scott Chacon and published by Apress, is available ...

  • Ruby on Rails 3.2 - A Beginner's Guide Ruby on Rails 3.2 - A Beginner's Guide

    An extensive beginners guide on Ruby on Rails with lots of code examples.

  • Getting Started with Knockout.js Getting Started with Knockout.js

    Getting started with Knockout is easy, and it integrates well with other libraries and ...

  • Front End Development Guidelines Front End Development Guidelines

    A guide for beginners on the basics of good front-end web development.

  • Backbone has Made Me a Better Programmer Backbone has Made Me a Better Programmer

    A short example which follows the same Model/View pattern as Backbone without actually ...

  • Solr vs ElasticSearch Solr vs ElasticSearch

    A side-by-side comparison between Elasticsearch and Solr

  • Pickadate.js Pickadate.js

    A lightweight jQuery date picker, much more lightweight than jQuery-UI

  • Code Smells in CSS Code Smells in CSS

    How can you tell if your CSS code smells? What are the signs that the code is sub-optio...

  • Prism highlighter Prism highlighter

    Prism is a new lightweight, extensible syntax highlighter, built with modern web standa...

  • Bootstrap Form Builder Bootstrap Form Builder

    Quickly and easily build painful forms with this generator.

  • Visual Git Reference Visual Git Reference

    This page gives brief, visual reference for the most common commands in git. Once you k...

  • Big Useful List of Bootstrap Resources Big Useful List of Bootstrap Resources

    The complete source for all things twitter bootstrap.

  • Gridster.js Gridster.js

    Gridster is a jQuery plugin that allows building intuitive draggable layouts from eleme...

  • Flatstrap Flatstrap

    Sometimes a new project doesn't need rounded corners or gradients. So we decided to get...

  • Git Tips and Workflows Git Tips and Workflows

    A large variety of git tips and workflow tweaks.

  • Visual Exploration of SQL Joins Visual Exploration of SQL Joins

    Having a difficult time learning sql JOIN statements? This visual depiction should be a...

  • Write Code Faster: Expert-Level Vim Write Code Faster: Expert-Level Vim

    Ben Orenstein gives a talk about expert-level Vim at Railsberry 2012

  • Computer Science Computer Science

    Most of the fundamentals any new software engineer should have.

  • Rails ERD Rails ERD

    Document your Rails application with automatically generated model diagrams.

  • Learn Linux the Hard Way Learn Linux the Hard Way

    A 30 part series with a small embedded terminal that lets you learn *nix

  • A Successful Git Branching Model A Successful Git Branching Model

    How to use git and an example of a workflow using it.

  • Rainbow Rainbow

    Rainbow is a code syntax highlighting library written in Javascript. It was designed to...

  • Fork Fork

    Fork is an open source CMS that will rock your world.

  • Gmail Buttons Gmail Buttons

    CSS3 Gmail Buttons is a collection of button styles inspired by the new Gmail UI.

  • Advanced Vim Registers Advanced Vim Registers

    Registers in Vim are best thought of as scratch spaces for text, some of which are auto...

  • MiniProfiler MiniProfiler

    MiniProfiler is a simple but effective mini-profiler for .NET and Ruby. It gives a very...

  • Cedvel Cedvel

    If grid frameworks are your thing, this tool is for you. Cedvel helps you design grid s...

  • The Absolute Beginner's Guide to SASS The Absolute Beginner's Guide to SASS

    Using Sass for your CSS preprocessing is a useful tool for executing responsive web des...

  • What You Must Know About Time What You Must Know About Time

    Here are some things every programmer must know about date and time.

  • Handsontable Handsontable

    A minimalistic Excel-like data grid editor for HTML, JavaScript & jQuery

  • Villustrator Villustrator

    An easy-to-use Vim color scheme generator.

  • Rails Standards Guide Rails Standards Guide

    A gentle set of guidelines and standards for your rails projects.

  • Intro to Vim's Grammar Intro to Vim's Grammar

    A grammar is a set of formation rules for strings in a formal language. The rules descr...

  • Vim for Programmers Vim for Programmers

    While the title says [...] for 'php' programmers, this PDF has lots of valuable informa...

  • Git Tips From the Pros Git Tips From the Pros

    In this article we are going to cover how the pros use git. We'll take a look at some o...

  • Picker Picker

    Replace those boring default checkboxes and radio buttons with very nicely styled, mode...

  • Illustrated Guide to Git on Windows Illustrated Guide to Git on Windows

    Learn how to use git on Windows using the Git GUI client

  • Pixie Pixie

    A color picker utility for windows that shows hex, rgb, html, cmyk and hsv values of an...

  • Divvy Divvy

    Divvy is a utility for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows to quickly resize and position yo...

  • Git Workflow Git Workflow

    Learn how to organize your Git workflow. It includes working in a feature branch, squas...

  • Learn Git Branching Learn Git Branching

    This application is designed to help beginners grasp the powerful concepts behind branc...

  • Vim Walking Without Crutches Vim Walking Without Crutches

    I will begin by showing how a TextMate user can make Vim feel almost like home. Like wa...

  • Galleria Galleria

    Galleria is a Javascript image gallery framework that simplifies the process of creatin...

  • Typeahead.js Typeahead.js

    Twitter's now open-source fast and fully-featured autocomplete library.

  • Responsive Img Responsive Img

    Make your existing images responsive without creating new images.

  • Messenger Messenger

    JavaScript alerts for the 21st century.

  • Hook.js Hook.js

    Pull to refresh. For the web. The feature you know and love on your phones and tablets,...

  • Paperkit Paperkit

    Paperkit offers designers free paper templates that can be easily customized to their n...

  • Postgres Bits You Haven't Found Postgres Bits You Haven't Found

    Close to 100 slides of PostgreSQL tricks.

  • Vim Git Gutter Vim Git Gutter

    A Vim plugin which shows a git diff in the 'gutter' (sign column). It shows whether eac...

  • Improving a Git Workflow Improving a Git Workflow

    A quick script to help integrate a git work flow seamlessly into a local/remote server ...

  • Sails Sails

    Sails.js makes it easy to build custom, enterprise-grade Node.js apps. It is designed t...

  • VimGolf VimGolf

    Real Vim ninjas count every keystroke - do you? Pick a challenge, fire up Vim, and show...

  • Bootstrap WYSIWYG Bootstrap WYSIWYG

    A tiny wysiwyg rich text editor for boostrap.

  • Vim CheatSheet Vim CheatSheet

    Vim and MacVim graphical cheat sheet and tutorial in gif, svg and pdf

  • Demystifying Regular Expressions Demystifying Regular Expressions

    Quick, what does this do: /(\/\*?\\/)|\/\/.*?(\r?\n|$)/g? In this talk, we'll start wi...

  • How to ask questions the smart way How to ask questions the smart way

    In the world of hackers, the kind of answers you get to your technical questions depend...

  • PowerKey PowerKey

    Use PowerKey to remap your Macbook Pro or Macbook Air's power key to a useful function....

  • Discover Meteor Discover Meteor

    Learn Meteor and build faster, simpler web apps as we teach you how to build a real-tim...

  • What is .htaccess? What is .htaccess?

    Great full tutorial on htaccess.

  • Nessus Nessus

    Nessus is the industry’s most widely deployed vulnerability and configuration assessmen...

  • Think Like a Git Think Like a Git

    Explaining git in a more literal fashion for advanced beginners.

  • Date for Humans Date for Humans

    Date is an english language date parser for node.js and the browser.

  • TODC Bootstrap TODC Bootstrap

    A Google/Gmail styled theme for Twitter Bootstrap.

  • Tourist.js Tourist.js

    Tourist.js is a simple library for creating guided tours through your app. It's better ...

  • Helium CSS Helium CSS

    Helium is a tool for discovering unused CSS across many pages on a web site.

  • Honey Badger Honey Badger

    Honeybadger is the modern error management service for Rails.

  • Design Lab Design Lab

    Learn design by doing: interactive lessons that teach you design theory + hands-on proj...

  • Secrets of Vim Ninja Secrets of Vim Ninja

    Vim Quick/Neat Reference for Vim users.

  • Bitcast Bitcast

    Over 1000 programming screencasts indexed by topic.

  • VimGenius VimGenius

    Increase your speed and improve your muscle memory with Vim Genius, a timed flashcard-s...

  • What are Blocks, Procs, and Lambdas? What are Blocks, Procs, and Lambdas?

    Find out the difference between a Block, a Proc, and a Lambda in Ruby.

  • UltraHook UltraHook

    Receiving webhooks on localhost, made easy.

  • SizeUp SizeUp

    SizeUp allows you to quickly resize and position your windows with keyboard shortcuts o...

  • Short Domain Tool Short Domain Tool

    This is a list of available three, four, and five letter domain names. It's searchable ...

  • Karl Taylor's Free Photography Course Karl Taylor's Free Photography Course

    On Udemy: The ultimate photography course by Karl Taylor

  • Vim Golf Vim Golf

    Pick a challenge, fire up Vim, and show us what you got. Main goal to make text transfo...

  • Colorpicker for Bootstrap Colorpicker for Bootstrap

    Add color picker to field or to any other element. - Can be used as a component - Alp...

  • Jolly Icons Jolly Icons

    Jolly Icons is a set of 400 hand-drawn icons available in many formats and scalable. It...

  • Multi-Tenant Data Architecture Multi-Tenant Data Architecture

    The second article in our series about designing multi-tenant applications identifies t...

  • is a nifty little database of screen specifications for the most popular d...

  • From STUPID to SOLID Code From STUPID to SOLID Code

    STUPID: Singleton, Tight Coupling, Untestability, Premature Optimization, Indescriptive...

  • Deck.js Deck.js

    A JavaScript library for building modern HTML presentations. deck.js is flexible enough...

  • Vim Airline Vim Airline

    Lean and mean statusline for vim that's light as air. Inspired by Powerline, but doesn'...

  • StackEdit StackEdit

    An online markdown editor with real-time preview.

  • More Instantly Better Vim [sic] More Instantly Better Vim [sic]

    Once again Damian Conway returns from the untamed wilderness of deepest Vim, bringing w...

  • A Good User Interface A Good User Interface

    A Good User Interface has high conversion rates and is easy to use. In other words, it'...

  • Ionicons Ionicons

    The premium icon font for Ionic Framework. 100% free and open source. MIT Licensed.

  • Flaticon Flaticon

    More than 15,000 vectors directly in your Photoshop

  • UX Design - The User is Drunk UX Design - The User is Drunk

    A great, short presentation about UX Design. A must watch!

  • Jquery-spinner Jquery-spinner

    A Number-Spinner based-on jQuery, Support Keyboard operations and continuous changing.


    This is Yet Another MegaMenu for Bootstrap 3 from Twitter. Lightweight and pure CSS meg...

  • Bootrstro.js Bootrstro.js

    Show your users a guided tour of what is what on a page. Especially, for first-time u...

  • FlowUpLabels.js FlowUpLabels.js

    Augments form labels to behave like placeholders, but with a twist.

  • Slider for Bootstrap Slider for Bootstrap

    Slider component with different options vertical or horizontal orientation ...

  • Offline.js Offline.js

    Offline.js is a library to automatically alert your users when they've lost internet co...

  • Install Ruby on Rails · Mac OS X Mavericks Install Ruby on Rails · Mac OS X Mavericks

    Article goes in depth on what to install, what to update, and why.

Tutorials are any resources you learn from.

Examples: an intro to html5 screencast, a pdf about git, photoshop effects tutorials, meta-programming in ruby, lambda calculus, higher-order fixed-point combinators.

Tools are websites, apps or services used -on- your project (indirectly), to aid the process.

Examples: A color scheme generator, email marketing software, usability heat maps, css3 code generators, a downloadable png compressor.

Assets are downloadable files used -in- your projects, usually as code, textures, or images.

Examples: a jquery sticky menu, photoshop brushes, background textures, mvc frameworks, twitter bootstrap, 960 grid system.