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  • Mazwai Mazwai

    Unsplash for videos: download free creative commons HD video clips & footages.

  • Memory Leak tutorials Memory Leak tutorials

    11 examples to practice memory management with Chrome's dev tools.

  • Think Like  Git Think Like Git


  • Backup and Compress a MySQL Database With One Command Backup and Compress a MySQL Database With One Command

    A simple bash script to backup and compress your databases in one fell swoop. Include d...

  • Apache Giraph Apache Giraph

    Apache Giraph is an iterative graph processing system built for high scalability. For e...

  • Mailpile Mailpile

    A modern, fast, self-hosted web-mail client with user-friendly encryption and privacy f...

  • Colorhexa Colorhexa

    TL;DR WolframAlpha for colors that offers design suggestions is a colo...

  • 0to255 - Color Variation Generator 0to255 - Color Variation Generator

    A simple tool that helps web designers find variations of any color.

  • Sassaparilla Sassaparilla

    Sassaparilla is a fast way to start your responsive web design projects that harnesses ...

  • iLightBox iLightBox

    Sleek, intuitive, powerful, and revolutionary jQuery lightbox plugin for creative and a...

  • Serve Serve

    Serve is a small Rack-based web server and rapid prototyping framework for Web applicat...

  • Balsamiq Mockups Balsamiq Mockups

    Easy to use prototyping software for mockups and interface design.

  • Google Web Designer Google Web Designer

    Create engaging, interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics that can run on an...

  • Rickshaw Rickshaw

    Rickshaw is a JavaScript toolkit for creating interactive time series graphs. Built on ...

  • Detailed 2D Dungeon Generator Detailed 2D Dungeon Generator

    A dungeon layout generator with detailed sprite images.

  • Open Source Web design Open Source Web design

    Open Source Web Design is a site to download free web design templates and share yours ...

  • Android Cheatsheet for Graphic Designers Android Cheatsheet for Graphic Designers

    Graphic designers aren't programmers and sometimes don't know how to properly prepare g...

  • Bookmarkify.ti Bookmarkify.ti

    An easy bookmarklet creator tool.

  • A Simple Git Branching Model A Simple Git Branching Model

    This is a very simple git workflow. It (and variants) is in use by many people. I settl...

  • Use Color To Enhance Your Designs Use Color To Enhance Your Designs

    Color communicates meaning and so we need to be conscious of what meaning we convey via...

  • Create a Sleek Portfolio Layout in Photoshop Create a Sleek Portfolio Layout in Photoshop

    A good beginner tutorial on Photoshop, teaching you how to design a nice looking portfo...

  • CSS Cubic-Bezier Builder CSS Cubic-Bezier Builder

    Drag the colored knobs to adjust the curve.

  • Photoshop: Image Injection Photoshop: Image Injection

    A good article on how to seamlessly inject alternative content in an image.

  • 41 Of the Nicest Photoshop Photo Effect Tutorials 41 Of the Nicest Photoshop Photo Effect Tutorials

    So the next time you want to publish some photos online, consider editing them so they ...

  • Creating Pixel Perfect Circles in Photoshop Creating Pixel Perfect Circles in Photoshop

    Achieving pixel perfection when designing UI elements can be simple thanks to Photoshop...

  • Photoshop Essentials Photoshop Essentials

    A multi-part series tutorial on the basics of Photoshop, including user interface, laye...

  • Method & Craft Method & Craft

    Watch tutorials created by veteran designers and learn how to use tools in a different ...

  • Tutorials for Photoshop Photo Effects Tutorials for Photoshop Photo Effects

    Photoshop tutorials for photo effect provide users with incredible resources for learni...

  • 70 Of the Best Photoshop Actions 70 Of the Best Photoshop Actions

    The compilation consist of 70 of the best Photoshop actions collected from all around t...

  • The Absolute Beginner's Guide to SASS The Absolute Beginner's Guide to SASS

    Using Sass for your CSS preprocessing is a useful tool for executing responsive web des...

  • Photoshop to HTML Photoshop to HTML

    In this screencast Session, you'll learn exactly how to convert a warm, cheerful web de...

  • Chart.js Chart.js

    Easy, object orientated client side graphs for designers and developers

  • Bootsnipp Bootsnipp

    Design elements and code snippets for Twitter Bootstrap HTML/CSS/JS framework

  • Photoshop Etiquette Photoshop Etiquette

    Etiquette for designers to make your developer's life easier.

  • Dribbble Dribbble

    Dribbble is a community of designers answering that question each day. Web designers, g...

  • Git - The simple guide Git - The simple guide

    A very pleasantly designed simple guide for getting started with git. no deep shit ;)

  • Usabilla Discover Usabilla Discover

    Usabilla Discover lets you collect, rate and save design elements on any website. Build...

  • Pixeltalks Pixeltalks

    Video presentations from the best Web conferences in the world: creativity, web design,...

  • Photoshop Layer Tricks and Shortcuts Photoshop Layer Tricks and Shortcuts

    A superb collection of tricks and shortcuts for Photoshop layers.

  • Hack Design Hack Design

    Learn design with an easy to follow design course for hackers who do amazing things, cu...

  • Design Lab Design Lab

    Learn design by doing: interactive lessons that teach you design theory + hands-on proj...

  • UICloud UICloud

    User Interface Design Search Engine

  • Introduction to Color Theory Introduction to Color Theory

    Learn the importance of color in Web Design and how to choose a pleasing color scheme. ...

  • Web3Canvas Web3Canvas

    Inspiration and resources for designers and developers

  • Web Creme Web Creme

    Web design inspiration gallery.

  • Create Slider UI in Photoshop Create Slider UI in Photoshop

    In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a simple slider UI using Photoshop. We’ll...

  • Web Design Bundle Web Design Bundle

    5gb of quality, exclusive and totally free files for web designers in one single bundle.

  • Web API Design (The RESTful way) Web API Design (The RESTful way)

    This e-book is a collection of design practices that Apigee have developed in collabora...

  • Color Scheme Designer Color Scheme Designer

    A designer tool for creating color combinations that work together well.

  • The App Design Handbook The App Design Handbook

    An ebook specifically about designing mobile apps that are user-friendly. About 125 pages.

  • SQL Designer SQL Designer

    An online SQL designer/mapping tool.

  • The Shape of Design The Shape of Design

    The Shape of Design is a book that investigates the influence of design on our lives an...

  • Design a Pineapple in Illustrator Design a Pineapple in Illustrator

    For CS3, but submitted out of principle.

  • Free iOS Design Resources Free iOS Design Resources

    Collection of free art for designing iOS applications

  • Design it & Code it Design it & Code it

    A project consisting of free designs and code sources created by Kasper Mikiewicz

  • jKit jKit

    A very easy to use, cross platform, jQuery based UI toolkit, that's still small in size...

  • Collage Plus Collage Plus

    This plugin for jQuery will arrange your images to fit exactly within a container. You ...

  • Abduzeedo Inspiration gallery Abduzeedo Inspiration gallery

    Inspiring ideas of logos, photography, typography, graphic design and more, from the fo...

  • Layer Styles Layer Styles

    Just like Photoshop, but in your browser and it creates CSS.

  • CSS Remix CSS Remix

    Many inspirational CSS Designs

  • Best Web Gallery Best Web Gallery

    Web design inspirational gallery

  • Color Lovers Color Lovers

    A creative community where people from around the world create and share colors, palett...

  • Google PageSpeed Google PageSpeed

    Google PageSpeed is a well known but essential add-on if you don't already know about i...

  • Adobe BrowserLab Adobe BrowserLab

    An online service that helps ensure your web content displays as intended. Accurately p...

  • Git powered FTP Git powered FTP

    Git powered FTP client written as a shell script.

  • MySQL Workbench MySQL Workbench

    MySQL Workbench is a unified visual tool for database architects, developers, and DBAs....

  • Colorgize Colorgize

    Browse over 3000 websites indexed by color.

  • Retinize It Retinize It

    The best Photoshop actions for preparing designs for iOS or optimized for Retina-displa...

  • Design Kindle Design Kindle

    Design Kindle offers free design resouces, including graphics, vectors, icons, patterns...

  • Freethroww Freethroww

    A regularly updated collection of amazing looking freebies, aggregated from Dribbble.

  • Photoshop Layer Search Photoshop Layer Search

    It is very hard to find a specific layer in photoshop. Photoshop CS5 doesn't support se...

  • Isometrify Isometrify

    An Adobe Photoshop CS5+ extension than helps transform objects into isometry and genera...

  • DevThemez DevThemez

    This is excellent resource to find themes/schemes for Sublime Text/Textmate, Chrome Dev...

  • Dev Tools Snippets Dev Tools Snippets

    A collection of helpful snippets to use inside of browser devtools.

  • Style Guide Boilerplate Style Guide Boilerplate

    A starting point for crafting website and web app style guides.

  • Ngrok Ngrok

    Introspected tunnels to localhost.

  • is novel site building & portfolio creation tool where everything is drag & dr...

  • Color Ramp Color Ramp

    Color Ramp is a ramp creator that allows to make colored ramps quickly online

  • Pixelator Pixelator

    With this tool you can combine multiple effects and pixalate images


    A super simple dataURI tool. Just drag and drop your images and it will generate Base64...

  • PicStrips PicStrips

    PicStrips adds a little style to your images to help them stand out from the crowd. You...

  • Dynamic Dummy Image Generator Dynamic Dummy Image Generator

    An image placeholder generator. It is written in PHP and distributed freely under a MIT...

Tutorials are any resources you learn from.

Examples: an intro to html5 screencast, a pdf about git, photoshop effects tutorials, meta-programming in ruby, lambda calculus, higher-order fixed-point combinators.

Tools are websites, apps or services used -on- your project (indirectly), to aid the process.

Examples: A color scheme generator, email marketing software, usability heat maps, css3 code generators, a downloadable png compressor.

Assets are downloadable files used -in- your projects, usually as code, textures, or images.

Examples: a jquery sticky menu, photoshop brushes, background textures, mvc frameworks, twitter bootstrap, 960 grid system.