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  • Backbone.js Fundamentals Backbone.js Fundamentals

    An in-progress book about the Backbone.js framework for structuring JavaScript applicat...

  • Developing Backbone.js Applications Developing Backbone.js Applications

    An O'reilly book, available free for open-source reading.

  • Absolute Beginner's Guide To Node.js Absolute Beginner's Guide To Node.js

    Tutorial that covers what Node.js is and how to use it to build your first application.

  • is a lightweight framework for building high performance Realtime Single Page H...

  • Jumpstart Layout Jumpstart Layout

    Spending hours manually designing your pages for the responsive web? Layout your pages ...

  • What is Ruby? And Rails? What is Ruby? And Rails?

    Ruby on Rails explained for beginners. Introduces basic concepts with no prior knowledg...

  • BackboneRails BackboneRails

    Learn to Build Web Apps Using Backbone + Rails.

  • Using SMACSS CSS and Rails Using SMACSS CSS and Rails

    You may notice that many of the SMACSS principles contradict what are typically conside...

  • Rails Beginner Cheat Sheet Rails Beginner Cheat Sheet

    So you are just starting with Rails? That's great! And then this place is for you. It s...

  • Angular.js Scaffold Angular.js Scaffold

    This gem adds scaffolding for angular.js views in rails. Out of the box support for cof...

  • Thoughtbot Playbook Thoughtbot Playbook

    A playbook for web startups based on the experience of thoughtbot and their clients.

  • Email Template Builder Email Template Builder

    Build a free HTML template in minutes. Forego the extreme pain of coding emails from sc...

  • Wordpress Code Snippets Wordpress Code Snippets

    Wordpress code snippets that I use in almost every project I use most of these I don't ...

  • DNS: The Good Parts DNS: The Good Parts

    People think that DNS is scary or complicated. This article is an attempt at quelling t...

  • Twitter Bootstrap Resources List Twitter Bootstrap Resources List

    Twittstrap, grouping all your bootstrap needs in one place. You can find Premium templa...

  • Cheat Sheet for Git Cheat Sheet for Git

    Helpful overview of all important Git commands including version control best practices.

  • GMaps.js GMaps.js

    gmaps.js allows you to use the potential of Google Maps in a simple way. No more exten...

  • Picksum Ipsum Picksum Ipsum

    Do you love movies as much as you love making cool websites? Then, boy – have we got th...

  • Learn X in Y minutes Learn X in Y minutes

    Take a whirlwind tour of your next favourite language. Easy to reference cheat sheets f...

  • Colorgize Colorgize

    Browse over 3000 websites indexed by color.

  • Definitive Guide to Github Pages Definitive Guide to Github Pages

    Are you learning to code and need an easy, free way to host your projects? GitHub pages...

Tutorials are any resources you learn from.

Examples: an intro to html5 screencast, a pdf about git, photoshop effects tutorials, meta-programming in ruby, lambda calculus, higher-order fixed-point combinators.

Tools are websites, apps or services used -on- your project (indirectly), to aid the process.

Examples: A color scheme generator, email marketing software, usability heat maps, css3 code generators, a downloadable png compressor.

Assets are downloadable files used -in- your projects, usually as code, textures, or images.

Examples: a jquery sticky menu, photoshop brushes, background textures, mvc frameworks, twitter bootstrap, 960 grid system.