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A programmer and trainer mostly focusing on the Perl programming language and technologies related to it. The chief editor of the Perl Weekly newsletter and the founder of the Perl Maven site.

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    Explanation what is an SQL Injection and how to prevent it. In more than 10 programming...

  • Ack! Ack!

    ack is a tool like grep, optimized for programmers. It's blazing fast because it only s...

  • Perl Critic Perl Critic

    Perl::Critic is a lint-like tool for Perl source code it is available as a command line...

  • Higher Order Perl Higher Order Perl

    The book Higher-Order Perl written by Mark Jason Dominus is available free of charge on...

  • Modern Perl book Modern Perl book

    The Modern Perl books written by chromatic is available in paper-back version for a fee...

  • Perl Tutorial Hub Perl Tutorial Hub

    A selected list of Perl tutorials recommended by members of the Perl community.

  • Perl Tutorial Perl Tutorial

    Free and Fresh Perl Tutorial covering the basic of Perl programming.

  • Multidimensional Arrays in Perl Multidimensional Arrays in Perl

    Learn about Perl references, multidimensional arrays, and using the Data::Dumper module...

Tutorials are any resources you learn from.

Examples: an intro to html5 screencast, a pdf about git, photoshop effects tutorials, meta-programming in ruby, lambda calculus, higher-order fixed-point combinators.

Tools are websites, apps or services used -on- your project (indirectly), to aid the process.

Examples: A color scheme generator, email marketing software, usability heat maps, css3 code generators, a downloadable png compressor.

Assets are downloadable files used -in- your projects, usually as code, textures, or images.

Examples: a jquery sticky menu, photoshop brushes, background textures, mvc frameworks, twitter bootstrap, 960 grid system.