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  • Learn SQL the hard way Learn SQL the hard way

    Learn the SQL language from the top. From the famous "learn the hard way" programming s...

  • The Code Player The Code Player

    TheCodePlayer plays code like a video helping people to teach and learn front end techn...

  • Mozilla CSS Guide Mozilla CSS Guide

    Guide to CSS and all it's intricacies, from Mozilla Developer Network

  • Use the Index Luke Use the Index Luke

    A free tutorial covering SQL indexing and SQL tuning for developers: unnecessary detail...

  • A Byte of Vim A Byte of Vim

    An absolutely awesome 80 page eBook about learning Vim. Includes both a free online ver...

  • Reddit on Rails: Part 1 Reddit on Rails: Part 1

    Learn how I would build Reddit using Rails from scratch.

  • CSS3 Pie - Bring css3 to IE CSS3 Pie - Bring css3 to IE

    PIE makes Internet Explorer 6-9 capable of rendering several of the most useful CSS3 de...

  • Destroy All Software - Hardcore Screencasts Destroy All Software - Hardcore Screencasts

    An absolutely solid video series for intermediate to very advanced. They are dense and ...

  • Vim Workflow Screencast Vim Workflow Screencast

    A short but quite excellent vim workflow screencast. A bit slow to start then picks up.

  • Vimbits Vimbits

    A vimbit is a snippet of a .vimrc. Share your coolest trick, mapping, setting, or custo...

  • VimCasts VimCasts

    Excellent series of vim screencasts.

  • Vim color scheme converter Vim color scheme converter

    Coloration is editor/IDE color scheme converter. Right now it allows you to convert you...

  • Vivify Vim Theme Creator Vivify Vim Theme Creator

    Easily create a vim theme based on hundreds of base themes. Bump by saturation, hue, an...

  • Learn Vimscript the hard way Learn Vimscript the hard way

    Learn Vimscript the Hard Way is a free online book for users of the Vim editor who want...

  • Best Vim Tips (advanced) Best Vim Tips (advanced)

    Hundreds of insanely good vim snippets all on the same page.

  • Burp Proxy Burp Proxy

    Burp Proxy is an intercepting proxy server for security testing of web applications. It...

  • Command Line Crash Course Command Line Crash Course

    Learn your way around the command line with this very excellent and comprehensive guide...

  • Learn Regex the hard way Learn Regex the hard way

    A rundown of regular expressions for the beginner to intermediate programmer. From the ...

  • CodePen CodePen

    A pastebin, but more importantly, a regularly-updated high-quality collection of absolu...

Tutorials are any resources you learn from.

Examples: an intro to html5 screencast, a pdf about git, photoshop effects tutorials, meta-programming in ruby, lambda calculus, higher-order fixed-point combinators.

Tools are websites, apps or services used -on- your project (indirectly), to aid the process.

Examples: A color scheme generator, email marketing software, usability heat maps, css3 code generators, a downloadable png compressor.

Assets are downloadable files used -in- your projects, usually as code, textures, or images.

Examples: a jquery sticky menu, photoshop brushes, background textures, mvc frameworks, twitter bootstrap, 960 grid system.