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submitted over 4 years ago, by pineapple
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This deserves a third look.

lush, about 4 years ago


I really love angular. I don't get to use it enough though, for this other project I'm gonna use backbone as it's simpler. I tried doing something once with angular that was kind of complicated, and not even anyone in the channel knew what to do :S it kind of burned me out on it a little, wasting 2 days on something that no one knew how to fix, but could easily be solved with jquery. I dont recall what it was, but It would probably be worth another look again.

pineapple, about 4 years ago


Very curious to hear what it was, as I'm just starting a big project with Angular and have thus far been very satisfied - if you remember and can explain, please write back'!

dshap, about 4 years ago


I have an outer form which is created by rails (it has an action="" etc).

Inside this form I have three "lists", kind of like 3 different kinds of todo lists but all in a single form that will be sent to rails when they submit it.

In one of the lists, the user will see a textbox that they can add new tasks. I'm trying to make it so a user can hit 'enter' in the text box and it adds it to the model, but without submitting the parent form.

I've read that I can do this with ngForm with angular (to make it appear to nest forms) but I'm not sure how to do this or what is wrong. Here is my code:

app = angular.module("Messenger", [])

app.factory "NewTasks", ->
  NewTasks = []

@processNewCtrl = ["$scope", "NewTasks", ($scope, NewTasks) ->
  $scope.tasks = NewTasks

  $scope.addTask = ->
    task = $scope.newTask
    task.timestamp = new Date().getTime()
    $scope.newTask = {}

@processTomorrowCtrl = ["$scope", ($scope) ->


<form action="/stuff">
    <!-- ... boring code-->
    <div ng-controller="processNewCtrl">
        <!-- ... ng-repeat unordered list here for task in tasks -->
        <div class="task">
          <angular ng-form ng-submit="addEntry()">
            <input checked="checked" disabled="disabled" type="checkbox">
            <input ng-model="newTask.description" type="text" autocomplete="off" placeholder="Additional Task description">
    <!-- ... -->

pineapple, about 4 years ago

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