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Learn Meteor and build faster, simpler web apps as we teach you how to build a real-time Meteor app from scratch.
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The book to learn Meteor. I started from it when I first faced Meteor.

imslavko, almost 5 years ago


How have you liked Meteor so far..? I always think it looks interesting but the whole authentication thing some time ago kept me away (although I think they've since fixed this)

blueberry, almost 5 years ago


It's amazing. I was in the same boat too. No auth, no security, no SEO. That's all fixed now.

Building an interactive site is actually faster than Rails. Now i'm only using Backbone for existing codebases or small offline apps, Meteor for any client side apps, and Rails for basic req/res paged apps.

I'm just starting up learning Meteor now, I ended up going with the premium book package one to get all the extras (especially 3rd party APIs).

This is also one of the best intermediate programming books that i've ever read. It makes it easy to conceptualize and move along quickly.

If you want to get started I would highly suggest reading the free chapters 3 and 4. Skipping ch. 1 and 2 isn't a real big deal, it just installs meteor. Just do this on (*nix):

$ curl | sh to install Meteor
$ npm install -g meteorite to install meteorite (3rd party components)
$ mrt create microscope && cd microscope create and cd inside
$ mrt add bootstrap to add bootstrap

Before you finish your first beer you'll have made a db backed crud app (technically cru lol).

SkinnyGeek1010, almost 5 years ago


Nice! Do you have anything live we can see?

pineapple, over 4 years ago


Not yet, still finishing up the book. Hopefully next weekend i'm going to re-hash an old failed project by replacing it's Sinatra backend. I'll make sure I post it when I get it updated!

SkinnyGeek1010, over 4 years ago

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