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FastClick is a simple, easy-to-use library for eliminating the 300ms delay between a physical tap and the firing of a click event on mobile browsers.
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submitted almost 6 years ago, by dease
FastClick: Eliminate Mobile Tap Delay popular asset



Wow, had no idea that existed. That's just what I need.

301, almost 6 years ago


There is actually a very good reason for the delay, it is used to decide if the user wants to scroll or to click on an element. With that delay gone, a click event will be fired when the user touches the screen to start scrolling!

wsg, almost 6 years ago


No, the click will get triggered on touchend, not touchstart. The legitimate reason for the delay is so the mobile browsers can handle double-taps. But when creating a web app, you want the experience to be as close to native as possible which means no browser double-tap and no delay between tap and action.

dease, almost 6 years ago


learn something new every day..

301, almost 6 years ago


thanks, I stand corrected :)

wsg, almost 6 years ago


y no use touch events?

roman01la, almost 6 years ago


fwiw, Zepto has a built in 'tap' event that you can listen for, which lets you press, then slide away if you want to cancel the tap.

SkinnyGeek1010, about 5 years ago

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