How I explained REST to my wife How I explained REST to my wife / tutorial / free

Ryan Tomayko gives a really nice explanation and history of REST.
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How I explained REST to my wife popular tutorial



Twist: She's actually Roy Fielding's past lover

301, almost 5 years ago



SkinnyGeek1010, almost 5 years ago


Here's another link to it. Unfortunately, Ryan was pressured into taking this great conversation down by some (otherwise) respectable people who perceived gender bias in it.

I wonder if those people have considered that the gender bias is their own. That conversation was just an event that happened--events don't have biases, people do. Was his wife offended by her own questions, or Ryan's answers??

ark, over 4 years ago


Ugh god are you serious?

pineapple, over 4 years ago


Ya, I was going to repost the whole thing here, but I don't know how big a comment can be. Plus that shocked cat gif started filling me with self doubt.

ark, over 4 years ago


I took the gif down, it was a bit much anyhow... I think I found a new 50 gifs for any situation page or something that day =)

SkinnyGeek1010, over 4 years ago


Oh geese... that's almost as bent out of shape as #donglegate lol.

Just in case the link doesn't stick around... here's one from internet archive:

SkinnyGeek1010, over 4 years ago



ark, over 4 years ago


Individually, since I experienced REST services after I ongoing playing with SOAP support web services, I originally careful REST a bad thing. See more at:

danieljorden, 10 months ago


Sorry, women don't really know REST because we literally do everything in multi-tasking effort. Lol Kidding aside, it's good to know that you and your wife can have this kind of conversation, coz not everyone are very interested when it comes to computer programming and other stuff. That's why students via are very interested in learning a lot of things.

Abrielle19, 8 months ago


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xiaojun, 5 months ago

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dongdong8, 3 months ago


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chenjinyan, 19 days ago

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