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Kanban Tool is an original web service for project management based on Kanban. Start with a clear whiteboard and place distinct colorful task cards on it, to map out a process, follow the progress, share tasks and limit the Work In Progress.
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submitted over 2 years ago, by KanbanTool
Manage your work in an effective Kanban Tool popular tool



The best online software for team management or pesonal time management. Intuitive design, lots and lots of features. I really recommend it.

Hannah, over 2 years ago


Love this software! It really help boosting productivity in my team. Analytics, project management, online documents and to-do lists - it's everthing I needed.

Kathleen678, over 2 years ago


I'm using KanbanTool since 6 months, and I can truly recommend this software. Easy to use and to implement. It makes teamwork easier, and saves a lot of time.

wilm333r, over 2 years ago


very nice app - simple, but get's the job done nicely. love these kind of no-nonsense services, great work.

MartinJonessy, over 2 years ago


Simple, easy, very supportive. Reaches all my expectations.

KateR, over 2 years ago


It has great features like time tracking and various power-ups. Interface is very user friendly and you can learn how it works "on the go", Worth recommending.

Anne, almost 2 years ago


Geniales Werkzeug für jede Firma. Ich bin überzeugt davon, dass jeder, wer dieses Tool verwendet, sich in das Programm verliebt hat! :)

Kasia190457, over 1 year ago


Honestly, one of the best apps for project management I ever used - very simple and clear, user-friendly and multifunctional.

MaggieR, about 1 year ago


Great application. I cannot imagine working without it now. It's just fantastic for work organization, staying in touch with my team and distributing tasks.

AkikoMcCloud, about 1 year ago

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