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An awesome tool, similar to Mixpanel that follows event-based tracking strategies, as opposed to tracking useless things like views.
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submitted about 4 years ago, by pineapple
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I'm still trying to decide between this and Mixpanel. Does anyone have experience with Kiss?

pineapple, about 4 years ago


Heh, I was just browsing pineapple to compare the two. Have you tried them out?

I'm using Mixpanel and i'm kind of conflicted. Some things I don't like:

Hard to get a quick overview... no dashboard of quick metrics to look at (daily signups/ week/week growth, revenue, etc..)

People and Events are separate data sets. This means you have to make three calls for the same event if you want to grab the most 10 active users in the last week. If you're only concerned with x% of people logged in last n days then the single track event is enough.

mixpanel.track("Login")                      // tracks the event
mixpanel.people.increment("Login");    // count the number fired events
mixpanel.people.set("Last Login": new Date());  // send last date to a people property

Their docs are horrible. They seem to have a more comprehensive set of docs that are only accessible from google, and the newer ones don't give you the full API and make a lot of assumptions. Far from something like Stripe's docs.

All in all, better than Google analytics, faster to get going than but it seems far from polished and easy to use.

SkinnyGeek1010, over 3 years ago


I like mixpanel and am good with it now, but youre right its insanely confusing. their docs are awful and conflicting, and leave out some very important points.

pineapple, over 3 years ago

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