Refactoring from Good to Great Refactoring from Good to Great / tutorial / free

This talk is about the next level of knowledge: the things advanced developers know that let them turn good code into great. Code that's easy to read and a breeze to change.
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submitted over 5 years ago, by pineapple
Refactoring from Good to Great popular tutorial



Watched full thing, this one absolutely is worth a watch. Funny, too.

pineapple, over 5 years ago


Ben Orenstein is a ruby god. Love the guy.

You can find part of this presentation explained in one of Ben's blog posts called Depend Upon Abstractions.

Btw, I'm new here and I actually submitted this talk. So now it's duplicated. I want to delete it, how can I do that?

glitchdout, almost 5 years ago


Hey buddy,

Ben is great, I saw him live at an event. Nothing like doing some calisthenics, lol.

To delete your post, make sure you're logged in, visit the resource detail page (this one), and you should see a 'delete' link.

pineapple, almost 5 years ago


Calisthenics? Don't tell me you were in his talk about How to Talk to Developers. So much envy :P

And for the life of me, I can't find the delete link. Not even with CTRL+F. Should it be next to the edit link?

glitchdout, almost 5 years ago


I was indeed in that talk! It was very, very good.

Err..., I don't see delete link either. It's different from an admin account, and I haven't logged into a regular account for awhile. I'll take a look at that at some point soon, along with the youtube shortlink. In the meantime I'll delete it for you.

pineapple, almost 5 years ago

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