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An online editor for Sublime Text and TextMate
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submitted almost 5 years ago, by SkinnyGeek1010
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Very nice... and furthermore this could be converted to vim easily. This definitely beats the other color editors I've seen. Very nice and straightforward.

pineapple, almost 5 years ago


Yea not bad! Speaking of vim, I just started using it yesterday.... I think i'm really going to like it :) I've been using vintage mode in Sublime and already just using the HJKL keys and a CI have been amazing!

SkinnyGeek1010, almost 5 years ago


Awesome! If you have a mac make sure you check out the built in file browser for macvim. It really is so much better than dicking around with nerdtree I think. I'm all for plugins but I also like usability too.

And absolutely buy peepopen. One of the best plugins I have ever paid for next to alfred.

pineapple, almost 5 years ago


Cool!!, it looks very similar to Sublime's find anything menu. That's one of the things that is keeping me from Jumping ship from Sublime to MacVim!

For the time being i'm working by day in Sublime and tinkering at night using MacVim...luckily I enjoy learning new things lol.

Gotta love pineapple and all of the Vim knowledge/resources it has.. kudos man!

SkinnyGeek1010, almost 5 years ago


Lol yep, that was one of the things I filled out first (and ruby). Those days upon weeks of customizing my vimrc file with my girlfriend falling asleep alone :(

I'll make a thread with my recommendations for you in a minute here.

pineapple, almost 5 years ago


Where are community submitted themes? And HTML/Ruby are broken.

weaslescout, almost 5 years ago


20170512 junda

xiaojun, 4 months ago


chenjinyan, 12 days ago

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