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Syntastic is a syntax checking plugin that runs files through external syntax checkers and displays any resulting errors to the user.
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submitted over 5 years ago, by lush
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This is prime! By far the best plugin for using JSHint.... the others were quite buggy for me.

SkinnyGeek1010, over 5 years ago


Heh, too bad I just removed that.. i actually had that built into my fancy statusline in the vimrc I sent you. Took me like all day to configure, but in the end it annoyed me more than helped me so I removed it.

pineapple, over 5 years ago


Yea linters in general can be annoying but with JavaScript it's almost a necessity with all the silent bugs like forgetting new, forgetting var, forgetting semi-colons and then finding bugs when minifying, etc...

I had my sublime linter setup to ignore everything but the most critical and trailing whitespace... otherwise it would complain about myModule not being defined and mixed quotes and stuff.

SkinnyGeek1010, over 5 years ago


Just found this handy article for anyone who wanders across this Syntastic link...

SkinnyGeek1010, about 5 years ago

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