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New keyboard layout featuring bigram-based improvement over both Dvorak and Colemak.
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submitted over 4 years ago, by kurtosis
Workman Keyboard Layout popular tool



Funny. i was ALMOST considering switching to this..... but I don't know if it would mess up all my QWERTY skills which are good (~130wpm).

pineapple, over 4 years ago


Py dpd byus us srbuukg..... ahhh much better. I just tried switching and I can say it's way more comfortable with easy words like 'sock'. After 10 mins. i'm still typing like a 90year learning to type.... a whopping 7wpm :D

I wonder what this will do to Vim's shortcuts.... yikes.

I would highly recommend for starting out. They seem to use repetition very well.

SkinnyGeek1010, over 4 years ago


Damn man I didn't think of that..... I don't want to mess up my vim wizardry :/

pineapple, over 4 years ago


I can suggest you to easily learn WORKMAN keyboard layout ;)

mstechfreak, about 3 years ago


20170512 junda

xiaojun, 12 months ago


wanglili, 8 months ago


wwwww, 3 months ago

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